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Fuelling Enterprise Value - Digital CFOs Support Services

Being profitable is like winning a race. Value creation is like winning the championship!


  • Revenues & Customers analytics
  • Products & Services profitability trackers
  • Efficiencies & Costs analytics
  • Supply Chain analytics
  • Monthly Management Reporting

By creating Visibility in Company’s business matters we will support informed decision making and enable proper resources allocation to the most profitable areas. Customer analytics will help you increase loyalty and boost your revenues.

Proper resource management and elimination of waste in operational costs will bring continuous improvement and innovation, agility and responsiveness to external changes, as well as increased profitability combined with lower risks and exposures.


  • Advanced Cash flow modelling
  • Collection policy & execution analytics
  • Inventories cycle optimization
  • Payables cycle management

Effective cash flow management is key in establishing stakeholders trust and long term relationships, which in turn affect the company value. Visibility in cash flow management obtains one more dimension! Here timing matters the most!

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  • Data-driven Business cases preparation
  • Investments decision making support (Capital rationing)
  • Risk appetite – Return (ROI) alignment

Generating business ideas is the entrepreneurship’s cornerstone.

However we believe that ideas are often reviewed without complete information about resources and risks. Having challenged yourself with the proper questions will minimize and diversify away many of the risks. It will also keep the company on the right direction of winning the war instead of focusing it all on one battle.


  • Business planning & execution reporting
  • Funding strategy & execution reporting
  • Negotiations support for funding

The ability to raise funds is a must for every company with aspiration for growth and success. Whether equity or debt, funding ability needs good outlook for the future but mostly instilling confidence from past performance. It is about knowing your business, planning it accordingly and consistently performing as expected.

Most and foremost it is about “chopping” that big dream into concrete smaller steps and conquering these steps on the way.

Data-driven Decisions and how Visibility becomes Value

Technology has brought data “closer” to the End-user. The availability of data and the ever growing “ease” of utilizing it, allows for automated data-driven decisions but also gives to the current managers the comfort of real business Visibility.

Decisions now can be drawn from clear Scenarios backed with historic info and algorithmic forecast to the lowest possible detail. Putting it all together allows teams to align for growth and fuels Enterprise Value. Today, this is not a privilege anymore. It has become a must!

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