Dear Business Executives,

Data-driven Business Management
At Ikanotis Partners we believe in results and making more with less! We believe that Business ideas can be leveraged by performance management and further value can be added to any company. We use data to support informed decision making that drives efficiencies and revenue growth, increases stakeholders’ confidence and, why not, even changes business models.

Customised Approach
We passionately believe that, despite what many say, Business is Personal. As such, we take our Customers’ success personally and we genuinely care. As a boutique firm, we guarantee the personal hands-on involvement of our directors for every Company we work on.

Proven operational experience
Our greatest asset is our long industry experience and our in-depth knowhow of implementation. Defining a strategy can be a relatively short process. Executing on this strategy and steering clear along the way needs persistency, tools and a great deal of detail. It needs the People and the Courage. At Ikanotis Partners, everything we stand for we have accomplished in real-life and big scale.

Partners to Leverage Your Ability
Long-term value does not come with easy answers. It needs consistent actions and a long-term view. But most of all it needs the key stakeholder personal involvement. Success comes from inside and needs a key Sponsor. We are here to empower You and partner on the way! We use Your data, make it Your story and together leverage Your future!

Yours Sincerely,

Stoyanka Stylianaki, CFA, ACCA
Managing Director

Stoyanka Stylianaki
Managing Director
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